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Dave A – Has there been a revolutionary change in our way of living and thinking?

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The SoberQ podcast is like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting online. It’s based on a set of questions about recovery that originated in Melbourne, Australia and is used in Alcoholics Anonymous beginners and discussion meetings far and wide….

Meeting 8 Questions

Step One How do I know I am an alcoholic? Step Two What does the AA program promise? Step Five What did we discover about ourselves while sharing our inventory? Step Twelve What practical advice…

Meeting 7 Questions

Stop Drinking – How did our drinking affect other people? Step One – What are some personal examples of having no defense against the first drink? Step Four – How are resentments dangerous to us?…

Meeting 6 Questions

Step One – What convinced us we were powerless over alcohol? Step Three – When were we ready to start the housecleaning steps? Step Eight – How did we become willing to make amends? Step…

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