If you haven’t received an invitation directly but would like to share, you can request an invitation to share on the SoberQ Podcast.

Once you have an invitation – here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Know what Question you will share about

Have a think about the question you have been asked to share about. Keep in mind that you have a limited time and that a wide variety of people will be hearing your share. Many of the listeners will be newcomers who are unfamiliar with the AA program.

2. Open the voice recording app on your phone or device

On an iPhone, the default recording all is called ‘Voice Memos’. Detailed instructions on how to use the app are here in the Apple support pages.

Your Android phone will most likely have a voice recording app already installed. If not, you can download one from google play.
The recording app will vary depending on your device manufacturer, but they are usually easy to use. See this page for tips.

On a PC you can use the Windows Voice recorder. Instructions are available on this Microsoft support page.

3. Always start recording by stating your name and
“The question is…”

To keep all the shares consistant on the SoberQ podcast, please start your share by identifying as you would in an AA meeting with your name and then state the question.


“My name it Bill. I’m an alcoholic.
The question is “When did we find hope?”

4. Share your experience for no more than 4 minutes

Please keep your share around 4 minutes or less and stay on the topic of the question.

5. Send your recording to upload@soberq.com

If you have recorded on your phone, you should be able to select the recording and then the ‘export’ or ‘share’ button. Select to share via email and send to upload@soberq.com

The ‘export’ button looks like this on a iPhone –

The ‘share’ button looks like this on Android –

If recording on a PC, attach the recorded file to an email and address the email to upload@soberq.com

In your email you can add some other (optional) information about yourself if you like:

  • Your home group
  • Your length of sobriety
  • Your age when you got sober
  • A link to your anonymous twitter account, recovery blog or podcast, or to your AA home group’s webpage.