Questions for the next meeting

  • Stop Drinking – How did we cope with the initial withdrawal from alcohol?
  • Step Two – Why do we need a Higher Power?
  • Step Seven – Which of our shortcomings have we seen removed?
  • Step Ten – How do we turn our thoughts to someone we can help?

Questions from previous meetings

    • Step One What was the last straw that made us decide to stop drinking?
    • Step Two When did we realise that the drinking problem could be solved?
    • Step Four How do we ensure our fourth step inventory is fearless and thorough?
    • AA Life What do we tell other people about our alcoholism ...
    • Step One How did we try to hide our alcoholic drinking?
    • Step Eight What are some examples of amends we can’t or shouldn’t make?
    • Step Twelve How do we know we have had the ‘spiritual awakening’ promised in Step 12?
    • Stopping Drinking What was our experience in the first 30 days of ...
    • Step One How did we learn our drinking was abnormal?
    • Step Two What convinced us to try AA’s 12 step program?
    • Step Seven What spiritual qualities do we aspire to?
    • Step Eleven When taking nighty inventory, how do we avoid drifting into worry and remorse?

    • Step One Why do we need complete abstinence from alcohol?
    • Step Three What are we deciding to do when we take step three?
    • Step Six How did we become willing to change?
    • Step Twelve What solution are we offering to newcomers?

    • Step One What happened when we tried to control our drinking?
    • Step Two What was our experience with AA if we didn’t believe in God?
    • Step Five What was our experience when sharing our secrets with someone in the fifth step?
    • Step Ten When did we feel that the drink problem had ...
    • Stopping Drinking – What is our experience with aches, pains, sleeplessness or other physical symptoms in early sobriety?
    • Step One – How do I know I am an alcoholic?
    • Step Four – What made us balk at writing our Step Four inventory?
    • AA Life – What AA Literature have we found most ...
  • Step One What did it feel like to have a craving for more after the first drink?
    Step Three What did we do to start living on a spiritual basis?
    Step Six What defects of character have we identified and need to let go?
    Step Twelve What do we ...

    • Step One How has our drinking made our lives unmanageable?
    • Step Two How did we come to believe in a power greater that ourselves?
    • Step Five How did we overcome our reluctance to share our inventory with another person?
    • Step Eleven What is our morning spiritual routine?

    • Step One When did we start to realise we drink differently to others?
    • Step Three How did we become willing to take step three?
    • Step Four What did we learn about ourselves in our step four inventory?
    • Stopping Drinking What medical or other help did we need to initially stop drinking?

    • Step One What lies did we tell about our drinking?
    • Step Two What convinced us that the AA program could work for us?
    • Step Nine How do we ensure our amends are sensible, tactful, considerate and humble?
    • AA Life Why do we go to meetings?